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About Us

Global Workforce Solution

Your Trusted Partner for Labor Sourcing

About Us:

  • Australian-based company with operational hubs in Manila
  • Leading the way in international labor sourcing for mining, construction, and manufacturing sectors
  • Recognized expertise with top 10 industry leaders in Australia


What We Offer:

  • Swift deployment of skilled candidates
  • Hundreds of successful placements within three months for major construction projects
  • Experienced Australian professionals on our team with industry insight
  • Ability to select the most suitable candidates for your projects
  • Enables clients to undertake substantial contracts without delays
  • Proven track record in cost and time savings

Our Stance Against Modern Slavery Statement

As an Australian registered foreign placement agency with operations in Manila, we adhere to the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. This Act mandates transparency and ethical practices in business operations and supply chains to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking. For a comprehensive view of our commitment and detailed policies, please refer to the link below.

Our Story

Our journey at Global Workforce Solutions began with a clear vision and a wealth of experience. Before venturing into labour sourcing, our team was deeply entrenched in Australia’s mining and construction industries, gaining invaluable insights, and understanding of real-world challenges. Recognizing the potential to bridge gaps in the labour market, we collaborated with some of the largest foreign placement agencies and the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). Inspired by the potential for innovation and the drive to elevate industry practices, we made the pivotal decision to set up our operations in Manila. This move was more than strategic; it was a commitment to excellence, ensuring we’re perfectly positioned to deliver the best talent to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission at Global Workforce Solutions is clear and unwavering: to ascend as the premier labour sourcing company in Australia. Drawing from our rich industry experience and strategic presence in Manila, we are committed to bridging talent gaps with precision and efficiency. Every decision, every partnership, and every strategy are driven by this singular goal—to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and set new benchmarks in labour sourcing.

Tailored Staffing Solutions in Mining, Construction, and Healthcare

Our Services

Embark on a partnership rooted in Australian expertise. Our deep understanding of the mining and construction sectors, combined with close ties to Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) in Australia, accelerates the qualification process of your desired candidates. With our Australian staff based in Manila, we bridge geographical and cultural divides, positioning ourselves as one of the industry’s fastest service providers.


Screening of Candidates

Boasting a team of Australian construction and trade professionals, we leverage real-world experience and a discerning eye for talent. This fusion of local expertise and practical insight ensures a refined approach to identifying the right candidate, promoting a harmonious fit for sustained business growth.


Customer Requirement Analysis

Your unique requirements are our priority. We delve deep to understand your specific needs, tailoring our recruitment solutions to meet particular skill tests, English proficiency, or other bespoke requisites. Our services extend to specific trade testing, ensuring candidates meet the exact welding, fabricating, or other trade requirements essential for your operations.


International Recruitment

Span across borders to tap into a reservoir of global talent through our international recruitment service. Rooted in an Australian framework and facilitated by our on-ground team in Manila, we are your solution to scaling your company to success.


Medical Screening

Prioritizing the health and well-being of your prospective employees, our medical screening services adhere to Australian healthcare standards, ensuring your recruits are ready to contribute from day one.


Candidate Care Program

Our Candidate Care Program is designed to ensure smooth transitions for successful overseas placements. Providing a supportive framework, we assist your new hires in acclimating well, ensuring they are supported and primed to contribute to your operations from the onset. Additionally, we can provide appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your staff, ensuring a safe and compliant work environment.